Do I need to add extra postage when mailing an envelope with a wax seal?
Each seal weighs approximately .02 ounces. So, no need to worry about adding extra postage. However, you may consider having them “hand-cancelled” to ensure the USPS doesn’t run the envelopes through the sorting machines. It costs around .22 cents an envelope and can be done at the counter of USPS. It’s not required, but it will help ensure that the seals don’t get scratched up if you’re mailing them on the outside of the envelope.

Will the wax seal stay attached to my invitation or envelope?
Yes! We use a professional grade 3M double sided adhesive that will permanently adhere to almost any surface after 24 hours. Samples of are also available to test on your specific surface as well!

Are the seals real wax?
Yes! We use a high quality wax that’s sourced and made in North America. It’s meant to be bendable so that it does not break in transit.